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Mewtwo is an extremely powerful psychic-type Pokémon. As such, some of his abilities are a bit god-modey. Here's a quick rundown of said powers and a convenient textbox for you to fill out for our CR!

Telepathy: actually his main method of communication - in this case I'm talking about private/long-distance telepathy. This ability may be used often with friends or allies.
Mind control: pretty much what it says on the tin. In the first movie, Mewtwo maintained this on Joy for weeks, able to use it even when the two were not in the same vicinity. This ability is very unlikely to be used.
Telekinesis/levitation: Mewtwo lifts. WITH HIS MIND. Comes in both painful and nonpainful flavors, and can even be used through TV screens! This ability will be used in fights, and if the character asks to be levitated then yeah he might do it I guess.
Memory erasure: again, what it says on the tin. Used both in conjunction with mind control and by itself, Mewtwo has done this several times, and it seems to be able to span long periods of time/be targeted towards specific topics (for example, any knowledge of Mewtwo the person might have). It's possible that vague impressions of feelings might remain afterwards ("I can't say why, but I feel as though I've been utterly defeated"). This ability is very unlikely to be used.

A note on Fourth-Walling: Obviously Pokemon is a very popular series, and your character may know of it - and of Mewtwo - ICly. For these situations, I am fine with general fourth-walling ("Pokémon is a game on my world!" "I used to have like fifty Pokémon card decks!") but if possible would like to avoid specific fourth-walling ("I totally caught you in FireRed!" "Man, your movie had really shitty music!").
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[The video function turns by the push of a button. To anyone’s surprise, it’s the pink cat-like creature again, and this time it’s not using it’s own book. Oops? Mew skims from the top and down the screen as if it’s a book again. Is there anything interesting about this one book? One way to find out!]

...what are you doing? [Mewtwo’s deep voice comes from a ways away, sounding suspicious. Something crinkles as he moves about off-screen and he makes a frustrated sound.] And why have you brought so many things to my house? This is ridiculous.

Mew?’ [The small pokemon looks away from the screen a moment. ‘Those things?’ translate for anyone speaking pokemon. Mew closes it’s eyes let’s out another ‘mew’ and continues feeling proud of itself. ‘Your place felt empty, so I got you something.’ After responding, Mew moves away from the journal allowing it to fall on the ground still recording. In the meantime, everyone gets to see what these things are: kazoos, some stuffed animals and dolls, little trinkets, and more toys. Mew hovers an inch off the ground picking up a kazoo and happily blows in it just to show how cool it is! It does it again just in case the other didn’t hear the first time.]

[Mewtwo makes an annoyed growl at the sound of the kazoo.] I did not need something. My house was clean before you came here. [Pause.] And why are you here? Do you have no place else to be? [Such a tsun child, Mewtwo.]

[Mew sighs to that. Why must he always be like this?] ‘Mew~’. [So… you don’t want to play’ Mew simply responds innocently. Really Mewtwo, he needs to hang out more. In the meantime, Mew sits down making itself conformable which will show it dead center on the screen. It’s long tail flickers over it’s head, left to right. Then Mew makes another ‘mew’ with a sad tone. ‘More like empty….’ Really… all it sees are rocks. Rock walls and maybe a rock chair somewhere. Mew sets the kazoo down looking for something else to pick up.]

No, I do not want to play. [The Grinch never wants to play, Mew. His heart is three sizes too small. For a few moments he is quiet, presumably watching Mew.]

I do not need things to make myself comfortable or happy. I am content enough to have shelter over my head. What are you doing now?

[This is why Santa doesn’t come to visit! Mew pulls a stuffed animal off screen which is familiar to one of Perona’s stuffed animals. Mew quietly levitates off the ground carrying the plush with it’s own two small hands and off the screen. The plush drops in front of the journal while Mew slides in from one side snuggling it’s softness.] ‘Mew-mew!’

[Playing with your book with this. You even covered this part!’ Mew motions one arm towards the camera.]

Playing with my book? With -

[The telepathic voice stops dead. And even though he’s not on camera, you can practically feel the anger radiating off of him as he realizes what’s happened.

The journal glows blue briefly, then slams shut without either of them touching it, ending the feed abruptly.
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A portion of my home was destroyed by a landslide yesterday. Given the mountain's structural integrity, I must assume that it was man-made.

I would appreciate it if you would all refrain from causing such destruction in the future.



Jun. 22nd, 2014 08:36 pm
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[option a; action, Battle Dome]
[Today, Room 3 at the Battle Dome is occupied by an angry cat monster. He can be found standing in the empty room, adjusting the program to his specifications; battling various holographic enemies, often with telekinesis and occasionally with only physical attacks; and, in the late afternoon, nursing a small wound on his forehead in the Medical Center.]

[option b; written over the network, camera obscured]

The Battle Dome is incapable of testing the limits of my powers. Despite my better judgment...I will ask for volunteers to train with.

But be warned that I am extremely powerful. Do not respond if you are anything less than godlike in your abilities.

And I wish to know more about the Filial Spirits, and how to connect to them. They may prove useful for my purposes.
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[this post is meant for [community profile] rekindleme's memory-share plot.]

I Stand Alone )
The New Ruler )
Predecessor )
New Life )
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If anyone here has experience with lost or erased memories, then I would like to speak with you.
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[It feels like a long time since he's felt the sun. A long time, because he was forcibly taken away two weeks ago and experimented on. He had been aware that such a thing was possible, but foolishly he'd still thought himself invulnerable. He was the strongest Pokemon ever to exist, after all; who would be able to win against him, without reality-traveling shenanigans like those that had brought him to Luceti in the first place? A physical group of people (such as the Malnosso) wouldn't be able to marshal the resources to take him.

Oh, hubris. They had been unimaginably efficient. He'd barely had the chance to fight back. Technology, or magic perhaps, that he had never encountered subdued him. The drones had then bundled him up neatly and disappeared with him. The strongest Pokemon ever was at the mercy of the Malnosso.

What had they wanted from him? After a time, it became clear that it was something to do with psychic powers. But parts of it still did not make sense to him; the excruciating pain, for example. It lingered on even now, making it hard to think.

He still couldn't see or hear. The only way he could tell it was sunny was the warmth of it on his back. Outside, then. Free? Released from the Malnosso, at least from now? But where? Near the village? There was no way to tell.

Blind, deaf and bruised, he lay in the bushes at the playground, vulnerable to anyone who might pass by.
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I was not told about this when I arrived. Is this one of the Malnosso's experiments?
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[Mewtwo has been keeping hidden and mostly away from centers of activity, but not enough to fail to notice something about a few of the residents here. Something that interests him very much. So here it is, Luceti. The most important question of them all.]

How many of you know what Pokemon are?

[Yep. There it is. For fourth-walling, please check out my permissions post!]
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[The camera for this journal has been obscured completely, so that the writer's identity is somewhat of a mystery. It's someone with small, neat handwriting, at least, something close to cursive but not quite there, and almost too perfect to have been written by hand.]

The only useful information I have been able to gather is that I am now part of an experiment on a world other than my own. Why, and how, seem unimportant to my fellow captives, but it does seem as though this communication network has been in use for quite some time. Perhaps the answers are buried further than I have dug.

I do not expect assistance, but I would not mind being pleasantly surprised by it.
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Character Name: Mewtwo
Character Canon: anime/movieverse.
Character Age: unknown chronologically – probably not more than a few years. Physically an adult.
Canon Point: after Mewtwo Returns
Character Canon History: wiki
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